Fun Competitions

Make an NFO

As 50cent sings in "Ayo Technology": "...She always ready, when you want it she want it. Like a nympho, the NFO..."

So why aren't there NFOs spreading around of all you groups? With rocking gfx, fun, fame, needs and probably even hatings?

So we decided that a party is the perfect place to generate or improve your groups NFO. Because all the people of your group are there and you can design and discuss the characters that represent your group in the occasional documentation of your products.

So let the showoff begin!

Give it a try and design your NFO. All flavors of ASCII allowed. Files will be shown using Sahli Viewer.

What, where and when

Under Construction was the last demoparty of 2016. It took place from December 27th to 29th in Gernsheim, Germany.

Stadthalle Gernsheim
Georg-Schäfer-Platz 1
64579 Gernsheim