Music competitions

  • Only one entry per composer and competition allowed
  • In case that we will have to apply preselection: disqualified entries will not be spread and will not be votable
  • Maximum allowed playing time is 4 minutes. Tunes that go beyond this limit will be faded out
  • The use of unlicensed material is not allowed
  • All contributions for the music, graphics and videocontent compos will be released under a Creative Commons Licence. Look here for more information!


  • The entry has to be delivered as .OGG or .MP3 file with at least 160kbit/s average bitrate
  • You will have to provide a list of tools you used in creating your entry. This information will be shown on the bigscreen

Combined Tracked

Newschool tracker formats are not. For a special visual experience during compo we will show the pattern view of XMPlay during replay of the entries.

  • The filesize limit is 1.457.664 bytes UNcompressed
  • .MOD/.S3M/.XM/.IT : replayed with XMPlay (native support)
  • .MED/.NST/.STM : replayed with ModPlug Sound System Input Plugin for XMPlay
  • .TFM/.TFMX/.TFX : replayed with Winamp2 TFMX player v1.25 Plugin for XMPlay


  • A looped piece of music
  • Max. loop playing time: 7 seconds (that's 308700 samples at 44.1kHz)
  • WAV or FLAC file format only
  • Original loops (not used in a track before)
  • Will be played for about 60 seconds and then faded out
  • Must loop seamlessly in winamp or xmplay, or will be moved to a seperate compo called: "ZU DUMM EINEN SAUBEREN LOOP ZU SCHNEIDEN" ;-)

What, where and when

Under Construction is the last demoparty of the year.
It takes place from December 27th to 29th in Darmstadt, Germany.

Old Deutsche Post Building
Hilpertstraße 31
64295 Darmstadt