The official entrance may start at 16:00, but feel free to come earlier and share a beer with us. You'll be thrown out so you can pay when we say so. We will set up a few screens, so if you want to take a console or seven with you and kill some time while shooting down Space Invaders, that's cool with us.



16:00 Event Doors Open
18:00 Deadline Wild/Animation Compo
20:00 Event Opening Ceremony
22:00 Competition Wild/Animation Compo


00:00 Deadline Photo
Deadline Combined Tracked
Deadline Oldskool GFX
Deadline Loop
12:00 Competition Photo
Competition Combined Tracked
Competition Oldskool GFX
Competition Loop
Deadline Textmode
Deadline Modern Tools
Deadline Streamed Music
Deadline 4K Executable GFX
14:00 Competition Textmode
16:00 Deadline Combined Oldskool Demo
17:00 Competition Modern Tools
Competition Streamed Music
Competition 4K Executable GFX
19:00 Competition Combined Oldskool Demo
Deadline PC 4K Demo
Deadline PC 64K Demo
Deadline PC High-End Demo
22:00 Competition PC 4K Demo
Competition PC 64K Demo
Competition PC High-End Demo


11:00 Deadline Voting Deadline
12:00 Event Prizegiving
13:00 Event Doors Closed / Get outta here!

What, where and when

Under Construction is the last demoparty of 2018.
It takes place from December 27th to 29th in Gernsheim, Germany.

Stadthalle Gernsheim
Georg-Schäfer-Platz 1
64579 Gernsheim