The official entrance may start at 16:00, but feel free to come earlier and share a beer with us. You'll be thrown out so you can pay when we say so. We will set up a few screens, so if you want to take a console or seven with you and kill some time while shooting down Space Invaders, that's cool with us.



16:00 Event Doors Open
18:00 Deadline Wild/Animation Compo
20:00 Event Opening Ceremony
22:00 Competition Wild/Animation Compo
Live Act Scamp
Live Act Messy


00:00 Deadline Photo
Deadline Combined Tracked
Deadline Oldskool GFX
Deadline Loop
12:00 Competition Photo
Competition Combined Tracked
Competition Oldskool GFX
Competition Loop
Deadline Textmode
Deadline Modern Tools GFX
Deadline Streamed Music
Deadline 4K-Executable-gLas-Noppenball
14:00 Competition Textmode
14:30 Live Act bod
16:00 Deadline Combined Oldskool Demo
17:00 Competition Modern Tools GFX
Competition Streamed Music
Competition 4K-Executable-gLas-Noppenball
19:00 Competition Combined Oldskool Demo
Deadline PC 4K Demo
Deadline PC 64K Demo
Deadline PC High-End Demo
19:30 Live Act BombJoe
22:00 Competition PC 4K Demo
Competition PC 64K Demo
Competition PC High-End Demo


11:00 Deadline Voting Deadline
12:00 Event Prizegiving
13:00 Event Doors Closed / Get outta here!

What, where and when

Under Construction is the last demoparty of the year.
It takes place from December 27th to 29th in Darmstadt, Germany.

Old Deutsche Post Building
Hilpertstraße 31
64295 Darmstadt